General Mortgage Information

If you are still paying on a mortgage for your land purchase there are several ways you can pay it off quickly
or when your buyer arrives the mortgage will be assumed into the new loan or be payed off with a cash
buyer. Call for more information.

A BPO or Brokers Price Opinion is given by the broker of a company, they have the "last word" in regard to
what they believe the current market is for your type of property.
A CMA or
Comparative Market Analysis is an in-depth analysis of the current market of a property with more
specific information and research done on it, it is like a
"mini-appraisal".  These can cost as much as $350 -
$500. When they are offered for free what you usually are getting is a BPO
How does the money work when I sell my land?

The number one way that residential land is purchased is with cash, unless we are speaking of prestigious
waterfront properties or very exclusive land lots on golf courses, ect.  Some exclusive properties are priced
into the millions of dollars.  Of course these type of lots will use a bank loan. Don't think that you will never
sell your land, Florida is a very popular place for retirement and as a second home location.

Currently, there are solar energy tax credits being given to people that are building new homes in Florida as
well as low interest rates from builders as an incentive to buy a lot and build on it.

Florida's Governor Scott believes as we do that many of these lots and communities need to be built on and
the time is now ! Florida is a progressive state and we have the new SunRail opened up in April 2014 and of
course Florida is the best place to retire as well as vacation !
Nancy Thomas
Platinum Vacation Properties,LLC