Our Mission as your Brokerage:

Platinum Vacation Properties,LLC  representation is that of the 'Transaction Broker'... we do protect our buyer's
interest with a guaranteed clear title, our seller chooses from the best in Florida title companies for your closing,
such as:
                         Stewart Title they have been in business for over 120 years here in Florida.

What you should know:

We are here to help you purchase a property in the most professional and ethical manner that you would
expect from Platinum Vacation Properties,LLC. Some of our sellers offer Seller Financing with a low
interest rate.
How we will work together with Buyers & Sellers:

We help the Sellers sell and Buyer's a Transaction Broker we represent you both during the selling
process with due diligence. Everything is in writing with no surprise or hidden fee's in our agreements.
Our Mission as your Brokerage:

Our Sellers are happy clients because they keep more equity in their own back pocket rather than having it  
gobbled up by expensive commissions. Our commitment is to help you sell your residential vacant lot at the best
price in today's market. Our promise is that we will keep your listing in the MLS until it is sold, as long as you
have an active agreement with us.  Your investment is safe with Platinum Vacation Properties!
Nancy Thomas
Platinum Vacation Properties,LLC
Punta Gorda,FL Historical Courthouse
Port Charlotte Tippecanoe Walkway in
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